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Siegfried Hecker, left, joins Russian and Kazakh scientists in a toast to celebrate their efforts in Semipalatinsk, Sept. 2012.
Photo credit: Siegfried Hecker

October 10, 2013 - CISAC, FSI Stanford In the News

Rachel Maddow takes deep look at Hecker's work in Kazakhstan

MSNBC host and Stanford alumna, Rachel Maddow, takes an in-depth look at our own Siegfried Hecker's work with Soviet and Kazakh scientists to clean up the Semipalatinsk nuclear test site. The 15-year effort was only recently declassified, revealing one of the greatest nuclear nonproliferation stories ever told.

Maddow devotes 20 minutes to the this remarkable account of of scientists working together to reduce nuclear threats. Their efforts were detailed in a research paper for Harvard's Belford Center. CISAC's Beth Duff-Brown also did a Q&A about this scientific saga played out on the eastern steppes of Kazakhstan.


Topics: Nuclear nonproliferation | Kazakhstan | Russia